Republic of Moldova: Protests in front of Parliament building over the law projects limiting President's power

by Romanian Reporter - Thursday, December 3, 2020 5:21 PM

Republic of Moldova: Protests in front of Parliament building over the law projects limiting President's power

Thousands of protesters have gathered today in front of the Parliament building in Chisinau, Moldova, to manifest against the set of law projects initiated by the parliamentary majority formed by PSRM (Socialist Party) and Partidul Sor, and discussed today in the parliamentary session.

The protests were called on by the newly elected President of the Republic of Modova, Maia Sandu, who accused the Socialists, led by the former president Igor Dodon, that are trying to limit the power of the Presidency as a consequence of Igon Dodon losing the elections against Sandu. 

A controversial draft law was initiated by some of the Socialist MPs, which stipulates the transfer of the Information and Security Service (SIS) from the presidential authority to the supervision of the parliament. The authors of the law are the same who proposed the law amendment in June 2019, which put the president in charge of the SIS, as until then the parliament was the supervising authority.

The MPs are motivating their change of mind by the fact that the new president possesses also Romanian nationality. They are arguing that Maia Sandu swore the oath of allegiance to Romania and, thus, this would be a factor of destabilization for the state and would allow her to use SIS to the detriment of the national security.

Hundreds of thousands of Moldovans have also Romanian citizenship, obtained through the Romanian law regarding the regaining of citizenship for persons who were born on Romanian territory and their close relatives. The Republic of Moldova was part of Greater Romania between 1918 and 1940, which allowed many Moldovans to apply and get Romanian citizenship.

The rhetoric of double citizenship is often used by the pro-Russia Igor Dodon and Socialist Party in the political struggle of the country between the path towards European integration and a closer relationship with the Russian Federation.

Protests also inside of parliament

Protests of parliamentary opposition in Republic of Moldova

Next to the SIS draft law, several other highly disputed laws were discussed and voted today by the parliament, related to the budget for 2021, a law regarding the use of Romanian and Russian languages on the territory of the state or the special legal status of the autonomous region Gagauz-Yeri.

The opposition MPs protested vehemently also during the session and even tried to block the voting process. In the end, most of the law projects were voted by Socialists and Sor Party, after the opposition left the conference room as a sign of protest.

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